2020 Special Guests

Michael Thomasson (Good Deal Games), Leonard Herman (Game Historian), Brett Weiss (Author), Warren Davis (Qbert Creator), Ryan Burger (Old School Gamer Magazine), Brothers from Activision/Absolute Entertainment: Dan and Garry Kitchen, Robert Racek: AKA Sid Seattle (Team Scorechasers Founder and Convention Promoter), Jaded (Team Scorechasers / Filmographer), Bobby Jones (Arcade Restorer/Owner of Game Over Restorations)

Michael Thomasson is one of the most widely respected videogame historians in the field today. He currently teaches college level videogame history, design, and graphics courses. He authored Downright Bizarre Games, and has contributed to nearly a dozen textbooks. Michael’s historical columns have been distributed in newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Leonard Herman – The Game Scholar is regarded as one of the most respected videogame historians. His book Phoenix IV: The History of the Videogame Industry has been called the Bible of videogame history. He has written articles for Videogaming & Computer Illustrated, Games Magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, Pocket Games, Classic Gamer Magazine, Edge, Game Informer, Old School Gamer Magazine, Gamespot.com and Video Game Trader.

Brett Weiss – Video game historian and national columnist Brett Weiss is the author of 10 books, including the Classic Home Video Games series, The 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1977-1987, and The SNES Omnibus volumes 1 and 2. Find Weiss online at www.brettweisswords.com, and check out his YouTube show, Tales from a Retro Gamer.

Warren Davis’ career in the videogame industry spans three decades. He began in 1982 at Gottlieb where his first game was the hugely successful arcade classic, Q*bert. He also created the digitizing system that Williams/Bally/Midway would use for many of their hit games of the 1990s. In 2018, he was inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame.

Dan Kitchen – As passionate game player and veteran Activision Game Designer, Dan Kitchen is credited with producing over 240 commercially released games across 15 game platforms.  During his career Dan is renowned for designing such Atari 2600 classics as CRACKPOTS™, GHOSTBUSTERS™, TOMCAT: THE F-14 FIGHTER SIMULATOR™, CROSSBOW™ and KUNG-FU MASTER™.   In addition to completing development on his first Tabletop Board Game, DRIVE-IN!™, due to be released in 2020, Dan is designing and programming two new games for the ATARI 2600!  The first game, DAN KITCHEN’S GOLD RUSH!™, is based on KEYSTONE KAPERS II™ which he originally started back at Activision in 1983.  The second game, DAN KITCHEN’S BON VOYAGE!™, is an original title where players sail a luxury liner through iceberg filled waters of the North Atlantic in search of survivors of the infamous Titanic shipwreck.  GOLD RUSH!™ is scheduled to be released later this year with BON VOYAGE!™ setting sail in 2021.   

Garry Kitchen – Garry Kitchen is a renowned toy/video game designer. Kitchen’s hit games include Donkey Kong (Atari), Keystone Kapers, GameMaker (1985), and Bart (Simpson) vs. the Space Mutants. Garry’s awards include Designer of the Year, Video Game of the Year, and SPA Excellence in Software. His work is highlighted in many documentaries, including World 1-1, Atari: Game Over, Batteries Not Included, The Artists, and Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed. Kitchen serves on the Advisory Board of the National Video Game Museum.

Robert Racek: AKA Sid Seattle –

Jaded (Team Scorechasers / Filmographer)

Bobby Jones